Private Jet Portfolio Management

At SKY Partners, we’re infused with innovation—because the old way of thinking (the way other aviation management companies think) just isn’t working anymore.

Flying privately is one of the greatest freedoms and pleasures life can offer. Never before have there been more options for your private travel requirements. Unfortunately, the business aviation industry is stuck on single solutions that, sadly, serve the operator’s business model instead of serving your individual needs.

At SKY Partners, we seek the best solution for you. Whether you are looking at air charter, ownership, or you want to optimize your fractional or jet card membership, SKY Partners is committed to innovative answers, backed by integrity.

Putting the “personal” back into personal customer service.

Every SKY Partners client works exclusively with a single point of contact – your personal SKY Advisor, with years of experience in Business Aviation. Beginning with a thorough, objective analysis of your particular travel patterns, your SKY Advisor will then provide a detailed portfolio of recommendations, designed to maximize cost efficiency while ensuring the highest standards of safety and service.

For individuals who are already committed to a Fractional program or Jet Card membership, SKY Partners excels in helping you leverage those programs to your greatest advantage—and protect you from hidden surprises. We maintain strong relationships with the senior management of every major Fractional and Jet Card provider. And we understand the subtle intricacies of those providers’ service contracts. Whether you are considering participating in a Fractional of Jet Club membership, or you’re already in one, your SKY Advisor is your partner in negotiation.

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

SKY DreamCard and OpenSKY Charter programs, offering customized solutions based on your specific travel nuances.

SKY DreamCard

For our clients whose destination and itinerary profiles rarely vary, our SKY DreamCard maximizes your travel dollars. The SKY Card ensures locked-in pricing, along with guaranteed lift-off times at a service level custom-tailored to your requirements. Plus, this program can work in concert with other providers’ programs. Let us take you beyond the one-size-fits-all thinking of traditional Fractional and Jet Card platforms.

OpenSKY Charter

You don’t have to have a Fractional or Jet Card membership to save money. At SKY Partners, every customer – along with his or her trip experience – is managed as if he or she is our only customer. That means we look out for you, starting with the pricing. Open SKY offers savings far greater than typical jet membership programs, while ensuring the same outstanding safety and service that our customers have come to expect from us.